El Cartel

El Cartel, an Ecuadoran Habano

El Cartel is bundled up in an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper resting on top of a blend of Nicaraguan long-filler, this handmade packs in the flavor without ever becoming overbearing. You’ll be pleasantly treated to hints of leather and spice building up to an enjoyable finish. This cigar is destined to become a staple in your daily rotation.

El Macho Cigarsmacho-box



There’s something to be said for a great value, and El Macho Cigars is a fine example of this. These everyday cigars boast a mild character and a pleasant taste, making them the perfect companion for the golf course or a casual party. Everything from the Honduran wrapper to the Nicaraguan binder and Dominican long filler has been carefully crafted to deliver maximum pleasure.

Royal ComodoreRoyal Chairman 6 x 60

Our Royal Comodore is crafted using all natural tobacco from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Valley, and rich Connecticut wrapper. When the tobacco is harvested it is aged in native rum barrels to give a unique aroma and distictly smooth flavor.
Black Añejo
This exciting addition to the Anejo line displays a luscious Broadleaf maduro wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and flavorful long fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras. The ultra balanced combination of rich, compelling flavors draws you in with its myriad of aromas. Experience instant gratification with our full-bodied strength Doble Black Anejo cigars.

Experience the joy of warm Caribbean breezes, refreshing rum, fruity cognac, smooth tequila, rich whisky, or traditional moonshine and a fine cigar. Both the tips and ends of these cigars are dipped in delicious alcohol and sun dried by the  warming rays of the sun, without the fillings being flavored. The cigars are then transformed through a meticulous curing and aging process, in oak rum barrels that lock in the complex satisfying flavors.

El Cabron Cigarcabron

El Cabron consists of Nicaraguan long-fihttps://www.puroscigarclub.com/product/el-cabron-5×54/llers all meticulously hand-bunched, and then bound with a Nicaraguan binder. The result releases a hearty character that exudes crisp sweet notes of wood and coffee. A light sweet smokiness rests on your palate for a medium finish, while the premium wrapper keeps the cigar smooth and mellow from head to toe. Perfect with your favorite cup of coffee or as your evening smoke.

Swinger Tobacco Linesswinger after dark

Made with a savory blend of Brazilian and Honduran tobaccos, our Swinger lines are mellow and medium-bodied and make a perfect travel companion for any smoker. Everyone will swear you’re a high-roller when you’re chomping on one of these stogies. And with notes of fine coffee, dark chocolate, and nuts, your palate will also feel like a big-shot.

Añejo Cigarsañejo-550x550

The best words to describe our Añejo are smooth, creamy, and mild. This is a handmade cigar that instantly softens the palate. It is our recommended cigar for someone just starting out, but should not be ignored by a more seasoned cigar aficionado who just wants to slow things down. Have the best of both worlds with this magnificent option.

Etnia Premium Cigar

Etnia will surprise you right from the first puff. It utilizes premium Nicaraguan tobaccos together with a unique triple wrapper to produce intense flavors of cedar and earth, evolving into a hint of sweet creamy nuances on the finish. Incredibly rich, this blend is perfect for every smoker and can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Grafitti Cigargraffiti

Our Graffiti Cigar uses a special blend of succulent Nicaraguan long filler covered in a connecticut, habano or maduro wrapper, that delivers a uniquely balanced and unmistakable flavor. Rich, flavorful and refined, the Graffiti is a medium bodied smoke handmade in Nicaragua from high quality, aged tobaccos.

beestEl Beest Lines

El Beest is a medium sized cigar with a full rich taste, having a nice amount of sweetness and spice, combined with some leather, espresso and cocoa flavours. Well balanced and complex, the moderate combination of flavours lends to a very enjoyable but never harsh nor overpowering experience.